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This week with Travel Crazee, we are on our way to New England, more specifically, Maine. You can smell the adventure in the air here. The Bold Coast is wild & full of natural beauty. Best thing about this area is that there are no fees whatsoever.  Due to its remote location on the Canadian border (2 hours north of Bar Harbor) and the lack of name recognition, the Bold Coast isn’t on most people’s radar…but it should be. The Cutler Coast Trail is the best hike in New England that no one has heard of.
Baxter’s unrivaled park-scape celebrates it all: It’s home to rare alpine flowers, unique glacial formations, backcountry ponds and cascades. Indeed, what Acadia National Park is to the coast, Baxter State Park is to inland Maine. Mainers know Baxter as New England’s grandest state park, a 210,000-acre chunk of wilderness peppered with 46 peaks and ridges and laced with 215 miles of hiking trails waiting to be explored.
Photo by: TrailSunblazed & Austin Trigg
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There's always a new experience to embrace. A fresh memory to be made. Something uncovered to be seen for the first time. So pack your gear, pull up that anchor and join us on this crazee adventure.

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