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The Red River Gorge is a place where mighty sandstone arches rise to the heavens and forest niches hide delicate wildflowers that grow nowhere else. This rugged wonderland is any outdoorsman natural playground. It’s hard to pick just one activity here, if you want to take the dogs on a fun hike, rent a stunning cabin in the woods for a weekend or want to do some rock climbing. This place has all of that and then some! Picture the magnificent sculptured rocks of Utah and Arizona’s National parks, surround them with a lush forest and you would get something that looks like Red River Gorge. Rent a kayak and explore the underground tunnels and what lies beneath. With the soaring cliffs and majestic arches, Red River Gorge is an awe-inspiring place to visit. It may be the South’s best kept-secret. 
Photo by: Cary Jobe
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