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Ocean Shores is the ultimate Washington beach destination if you’re looking for a little bit of everything. Convenient hotels, delicious food, wide-open sandy beaches, and family-friendly activities are just the start of what makes Ocean Shores amazing. Make sure to rent motorbikes to ride on the beach, and check out the jetty for some crab hunting and beachcombing!

North Cascades National Park is one of three national parks in Washington State. It’s accessible during the summer months, but the road that goes through the park (Highway 20) closes in the winter due to heavy snowfall. Generally a summer destination, this national park is FILLED with amazing backpacking routes, longer Pacific Northwest day hikes, hidden fire lookouts, and lots of amazing opportunities to go camping in the PNW.


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There's always a new experience to embrace. A fresh memory to be made. Something uncovered to be seen for the first time. So pack your gear, pull up that anchor and join us on this crazee adventure.

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