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Live Crazee Sea & Land Apparel - About Us Overview

Hell all! My name is Ashley and i am the co-founder and owner of Live Crazee with my father David.  For those of you who have not taken the time to read our About Us (most probably have not ), here is a very condensed version of our story & brand!



The story of Live Crazee originates with our family—a large extended family that operates several family businesses, including a printing shop run by David Kirchner and his two grown kids, Ashley and Tyler. We created Live Crazee as a way to start a new adventure, bring more business and jobs to our small town, and have some fun along the way.
As a family, we like to work hard and play hard. We believe in taking care of all our family members—which includes our customers, employees, vendors, partners, and our community. Our one-of-a-kind premium t-shirts and apparel are a reflection of our love of fun, adventure, and living life to the fullest.


You can feel as great as you look knowing Live Crazee shirts are manufactured using sustainable, eco-friendly methods and standards.
All Live Crazee shirts are printed in our 100% solar-powered facility in Nashville, Illinois using only water-based, environmentally-friendly inks.
We continue to make substantial investments to minimize our environmental impact.
Our people are our family. Our community is our home. And they are both of the utmost importance to us. We believe that paying fair, living wages and giving back to the community creates more fun and good crazee for all.
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There's always a new experience to embrace. A fresh memory to be made. Something uncovered to be seen for the first time. So pack your gear, pull up that anchor and join us on this crazee adventure.

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